Our Story




When my son entered junior high school, I discovered that he possessed exceptional visual skills, but was having difficulty with spelling. From working in the technology field for so long, my first reaction was to find a software program allowing him to utilize his strong visual talent while learning how to spell in a fun and entertaining way. I was engulfed in the endless possibilities of a program or game that would interact with my child and improve his ability to spell. ...

As I searched every store and website I could find, there just wasn’t a product that was simple and easy. I knew there was a way and set out to create it. I even believed if I was able to create the right spelling program, I could partner with schools to use it as a fundraising tool, diverging from the traditional approach of selling sweets and focusing more on the development of our youth. At that time, I was ahead of my time but I never lost my desire.

Years later, I received a panicked phone call from my 12-year-old granddaughter that her Mom might have appendicitis and was unable to drive her to the open house for a new magnet school, she wanted to attend. While we were there, I listened to the exciting new ways children would learn there and was saddened by the fact that in order to implement such impactful, innovative teaching methods they would need to raise more funds than the traditional schools. At that moment, I realized that I couldn’t wait any longer and I needed to play an active role in providing the much needed financial support for my granddaughter and children with dreams everywhere. 

Now, with multiple Internet connected devices in almost every home, I realized they are all being used as learning tools in the classroom and my idea came into focus. The Technology is now in place to support the new way of fundraising. For better educational experiences for our youth, for better access to educational tools, and a better way to do business that supports school systems, we built A Better Fundraiser.

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