Welcome to A Better Fundraiser's Frequently Asked Questions. 

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Why can't I purchase any products from your STORE page at www.ABetterFundraiser.com?
In order to shop on A Better Fundraiser, an invitation is required from a participating school or organization.
How do I enroll my school or organization?
Please fill out the "Sign up your School" form and a representative will contact you directly.
Does it cost my school any money to use A Better Fundraiser's website to raise funds?
No. There are no up-front costs or hidden fees associated with using A Better Fundraiser.
We need to raise money for our non-profit organization (i.e, PTA, PTO, sport team, religious organization, club etc). How do we sign up?
Please fill out the "Sign up your School" form and a representative will contact you directly.
How are new products added?
All products are reviewed for content to assure that they are rated E (for everyone). A Better Fundraiser takes the time to review and test all new products that are added to the website for a minimum of 7 days before it is available for purchase.
Are all organizations eligible?
This fundraising program is for K-12 public and private schools and other non-profit organizations that have a tax-exempt status (501(c)(3) or 509(a)(1)) and that are located in the United States. Schools and organizations must be in business on the day that funds are earned and the day a check is issued.
What is A Better Fundraiser's Return Policy?
Due to the nature of A Better Fundraiser business we do not accept returns or offer exchanges of our products. If you find that the product is inoperable and downloading a new copy does not resolve the problem please let us know here. If we find that the problem is not resolvable you will be notified and offered another product that is of equal value.
I am a software developer and want to sell my game on your website. How do I contact you?
Please fill out the Contact Us form and a representative will contact you. Be sure to include your name, company name, website and email contact information. We are always looking for new and exciting software products.
How do I report a website error?
Please fill out the Contact Us form and a representative will contact you. Please be as specific as possible when describing the error.
How are funds and contributions tracked and when are the funds distributed?
A Better Fundraiser automatically calculates your contribution based on a pre-determined amount per product (up to 30% of the products sale price). Each non-profit receives a monthly payment and report for their records.
How are Payments Processed?
At the beginning of each month, A Better Fundraiser, Inc. will deliver payments via US Mail to schools or organizations addresses listed in the account detail page that have earned $50 or more during the preceding month. All checks will be issued on or by the 30th day of the following month and will be made payable directly to the school or group. All schools or groups must earn a minimum of $50 during a calendar month to receive that donation in the next month. If a check is not cashed within 90 days of issuance, a staff member from A Better Fundraiser Inc., will attempt to contact the organization directly to resolve the issue. If the check is still not cashed 180 days after issuance and after all contact attempts are also unsuccessful, a stop payment will be issued on the check.
How are minimum payments managed?
Participating schools or group must earn funds totaling $50 or more during a calendar month in order to receive a check the following month. Schools or group that earn less than $50 during a calendar month will have their funds carried over to the next calendar quarter. Funds less than $50 can be carried over to all months of the same calendar year. Funds will not be carried over to the next calendar year (with the exception of December). In January of each year, checks will be issued to schools or group with funds totaling $50 or more earned during (or carried over from) the previous quarter.
I have more questions for A Better Fundraiser. What should I do?
For further assistance, please fill out the Contact Us form and a representative will contact you.