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Why is A Better Fundraiser Right for Your Program?

Why is A Better Fundraiser Right for Your Program?

Apr 17 2022

There are lots of fundraising options out there, but, honestly, they are all the same.


So why should you choose A Better Fundraiser?


There are many reasons to choose us, but the key ones are these five.


  1.    You have your own branded website, with real-time status reporting available at your fingertips.      
  2.    Products do not have to be pre-purchased, stocked, inventoried, or even deliver the products. (No gas!)
  3.    You are not selling, high-cost, high-calorie products that no one needs.
  4.    You can keep the sale open as long as you want, so no deadlines to worry about.
  5.    You received monthly checks of up to 30% of the sales prices.


So how does it work?


Your customers shop from your websites and download the products immediately, and you get paid.


Plus, NO CALORIES or PRODUCTS TO DELIVER and NO HIGH-PRICED GAS required for your car! How is that for a win?


We would love to tell you more, email us at


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