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A Better Fundraiser! 


A Little More About Us: 

A Better Fundraiser wants to give your school, its students and staff the opportunity to raise funds using our unique, 100% web-based fundraising program. 


How Do I Get Started? 

Fill out the form located here and a dedicated representative will reach out to you via email and schedule a time for a short Q&A. 


What Makes Us A Better Fundraiser? 

NO Contracts for Your School to Sign – NO Money to Collect –NO Products to Deliver – NO Trans-Fats and NO Calories! 


What does A Better Fundraiser Offer? 

We offer e-books, games and software products that are delivered electronically. That means you get your products IMMEDIATELY, your school doesn’t have to pre-purchase any products, and parents don’t have to deliver any products. Now your school can raise funds without the burden of doing things that usually make fundraising a chore. 

With A Better Fundraiser, fundraising is FAST and EASY. Now your friends and family can purchase products they can download instantly and use every day. Your school can always earn up to 30% on each and every purchase. With A Better Fundraiser, your school will be able to raise money faster and easier than ever before!