A Better Fundraiser is pioneering a new  way to help your organization raise needed funds. We put the "fun" back in fundraising. Our fast, easy, secure, and 100% Web-Based Fundraiser program enables you to quickly raise funds for your organization without the headaches and hassles typically associated with fundraising.

A Better Fundraiser's website provides a wide variety of fun and educational software available for immediate download and purchase - with proceeds going directly to your organization.




      helping schools raise funds 


     than ever before!

Fundraising is Fast, Simple, and Safe.
Gone is the typical effort and responsibility fundraising usually demands. No pre-purchasing products, selling unhealthy or stereotypical products, or maintaining complicated records.

  Our concept is simple... To provide access to useful and desired software, deliver purchases, and distribute the proceeds - all online and through the web. Fundraising has never been so easy. 


Meet the Founders!




Celeste M. Tyree - President/Founder

Celeste M. Tyree is a dynamic executive with over twenty years of telecommunications experience in executive management, project management, consulting, operations, sales, marketing and customer support. The former CEO of UltraComm Inc., Celeste spent 5 years establishing three different International Callback start-ups. Celeste has a proven track record of profitability, driving two start-ups to profitability in under one year from launch date.


Heather Raymond - Vice President, Technology Development/Co-Founder

Heather Raymond is an innovative problem solver with over fifteen years of experience in Information Technology, including business analysis, application design and programming, database administration and training. Heather has successfully managed and executed projects that include website development, retail business systems, billing systems and telecommunications systems. Heather holds a B.S. in Information Science from Andrews University.

No Risks!   No Limits!  No Calories!